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Motivational Speaker

I went From Victim to Victorious

Welcome to From Pain to Power: You are an Overcomer!, a unique blog and website here for you to explore and to get Power back in your life!  I am a motivational speaker that loves to share my powerful story of how I overcame life! And I am also a poet as well! My words will inspire, captivate, and motivate all!

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Welcome to From Pain to Power: You are an Overcomer!

You've gone through hell and back for round 2 but this time YOU will FIGHT 2 WIN!!

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Go Within

Go within to seek what is lost! Go within at all cost! You see what's within you is greater than what is externally meant to destroy you!...

Behind Her Eyes Poem

Behind her eyes tells a story that cannot lie. The pain of betrayal the feelings of regret and the feelings of sadness all in a bubble of...

Never Give Up!

So life can get crazy and just downright hurtful at times. Just know there is a purpose for every tragedy and even every victory! Oh you...

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